Coming to a Christian position on…

Mark Driscoll has weighed in on Washington’s recent legalization of marijuana. As Driscolly as ever, he writes:


“Also, many will attempt to treat marijuana usage as analogous to alcohol. But while the Bible does speak of alcohol, it never mentions marijuana, which means the issue requires a great deal of consideration before arriving at a thoughtful Christian position.”


Unfortunately for us, the Bible doesn’t mention a LOT of stuff. We might be living in sin because we have not thoughtfully considered the ramifications of engaging in things that are not specifically mentioned in the Bible.
Here is a list of things that are not mentioned in the Bible, and which we must arrive at a thoughtful Christian position about.
  • Crock-Pots

  • Litterboxes

  • Cars

  • Netflix

  • Electricity

  • Cheesecake

  • Executive pastors

  • Coffee

  • Yoga (totally evil)

  • College

  • Christmas

  • Gluten (conveniently)

  • iPhones

  • the Internet

  • Brita filters

  • Magazines

  • 401k plans

  • Pizza

  • Eyeglasses (aw shit)


Hopefully this has been an edifying list that gets you thinking about just what is and isn’t biblical. Feel free to add to this list things that are not mentioned in the Bible. Because what is the BIble if not a big book of things we can and can’t do?


1 comment
  1. michelle said:

    don’t forget microwave ovens and i don’t think toilet paper is mentioned either.

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