Monday Musings

As much as I hate structure, I like to (need to) process my thoughts by writing through them. Being the perfectionist that I am, having a designated spot where I can be brief and spotty will be great for me as I try to sort through any of the various ideas or thoughts I’ve been mulling over the past week. Hopefully as I do that it will spark dialogue.

1. I was looking over a lesson plan for Sunday School curriculum and was excited that the lesson was about being slow to anger and being patient rather than giving in to the urge to fight or be selfish and demand our way. One line in the lesson states, “Anyone can start a fight. It’s much harder to prevent one.” A simple lesson in non-violence that most people are taught at some point in their childhood. However, that idea eventually gets catalogued under “Nice thought, but naive.” Often times, the church is the place where that happens, or at least, where it is not curbed. The church is the place where the non-violent dream must never die. What would our communities look like if our churches actively participated in and each other in conflict resolution, restorative justice, and peacemaking?

2. Over the past five years or so of my journey into a more complicated Christianity I have come up with far more questions than answers and way more doubts than certainties. I’ve deconstructed a hell of a lot and have been rebuilding slowly. My frustrations with Evangelical culture still persist and find new facets frequently. How in the world do us post-Evangelical folks walk alongside people seeking Jesus when our own relationships with Christianity and Evangelicalism are messy, complicated and frustrated? I don’t want my baggage to get in the way of others realizing their full humanity in Jesus and in community.

3. Last night at work I was trying to solve a problem and failing. One of my coworkers came along and helped and offered a brilliant piece of advice: “When something doesn’t work, turn it upside down.” Yes.



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